The picture shows a colorful parrot perched on a tree branch. The parrot has a vibrant red head, a yellow body with shades of green, and blue on its wings with a hint of black. Its tail feathers are a mix of blue and red. The bird is surrounded by green leaves, and the background is a blurred mix of green foliage, suggesting a dense, leafy habitat. The parrot is looking directly at the camera, giving a sense of curiosity or engagement.

Eastern Rosella

The Eastern Rosella (Platycercus eximius) is the most successful coloniser of the introduced Australian parrots. It is common through most of the North Island (excepting East Cape) and in the south east corner of the South Island.

Often seen in noisy flocks, this individual was quietly feeding on fruits in a tree in my back garden.

This photo was not taken in the middle of a main road; I don’t want to pinpoint a family home, so it’s in the general area.



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