A Toutoutwai (North Island Robin) standing on a mossy tree root.

I have been publishing photos online since 1999, and on Flickr since 2005. In 2008 I launched a blog site specifically to showcase my aviation photos, but had nowhere to showcase my other favourite subject — birds. This site aims to remedy that.

As I write this in early 2023, I’m not completely sure of how this site will turn out, but one thing will remain core to its purpose — to showcase my bird photos.

You can see all my published photos on Flickr — there is even an album for birds — but here I wanted the ability to control the experience, which means stripping away almost everything except the photo and a few words to accompany it.

I hope you will get some enjoyment from the photos; let me know in the comments. I may even consider, at some point, allowing some guest posts.

— Allister