The image shows a striking bird perched on a branch amidst green foliage. The bird has a glossy black body with a deep red throat and a white patch on its lower back. It has a bright orange patch around the eyes. The beak is large, curved, and orange, giving a dramatic contrast to its face. The bird's eyes are focused and alert, and its feathers appear smooth and well-groomed. The background is a soft blur of green leaves, highlighting the bird as the central figure in this natural setting.

Bearded Barbet

The cute little Bearded Barbet (Pogonornis dubius) is not so little. It is typically 26 cm in length.

My only memory of this bird is this photo, but that is not surprising, as it was at a feeding station in the magnificent Waterfall Aviary in (the former) Jurong Bird Park. There were so many species gathering around I was rather overwhelmed by it all.






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