A Riroriro (Grey Warbler) perched on a branch.


The Riroriro (Grey Warbler, Gerygone igata) is a charming little bird that can be heard in suburban gardens year-round. For many years I thought they were hard to see, but they’re not if you know where to look, and what you’re looking at.

My father told me “they’re about half the distance away you think they are” and this helps a lot in spotting them. The other trick is not to write off the small, constantly moving bird as a Tauhou (Silvereye) which are often more numerous.

The distinctive Warbler song is said to be a harbinger of rain, but I can attest that is simply not true, as I have heard and spotted many over the years and they sing on sunny days and rainy days alike. And I’m glad they do.

This photo was not taken in the middle of a main road; I don’t want to pinpoint a family home, so it’s in the general area.



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