An Australian Magpie (Makipae) sitting on the top of a chain link fence.

Australian Magpie

Unrelated to the great number of Magpie species of Europe and Asia, the Australian Magpie (Makipae, Gymnorhina tibicen) is only so-named due to its black and white plumage.

While real Magpies are known for their beautiful songs, this bird is also known for its… song? A poem widely known by Kiwis represents the song very well in this repeated line.

And Quardle oodle ardle wardle doodle/The magpies said,

The Magpies, Denis Glover



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2 responses to “Australian Magpie”

  1.  Avatar

    @allister Also well known in Australia for their swooping on pedestrians and cyclists in nesting season. Some cyclists wear wiry wands on their helmets to deter them. I've only been attacked once (as a pedestrian), it's not pleasant.

    1. Allister Jenks Avatar

      I have been swooped on once, as a kid. Magpie attacks were often a topic of conversation in my school years.

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